Our mission is to provide exceptional and ethical service so each client can experience stress-free property transactions.


We aim to create a seam-less real estate service like no other! Through combining leading digital providers with real estate along with developing new technologies in house.


🟠 Boldness & Quality
⚪️ Simplicity & Innovation
🔵 Honesty, Trust & Integrity
🟢 Commitment to Client Experience & Constant Improvement

Infinity Residential came about from a desire to do real estate differently. The love child of Dave, Infinity Residential seeks to fill the gaps currently in the real estate industry, to provide Australians with a seamless and stress-free experience.

Adapting to a COVID-19 world, Infinity Residential is blending digital with the personal to bring you a safe yet immersive experience when dealing with your property.

What also sets Infinity Residential apart is the level of care provided to all of their clients!

From styling your property so it stands out against the competition, to providing post-transaction care by answering any questions you may have after the sale or purchase of your property, to ethically managing your rental property, Infinity Residential views each client as human being with their own unique story, and not just as a dollar sign.

Striving to build ever-lasting relationships through property. Infinity Residential is reimagining real estate one home at a time. So when you choose Infinity, you can expect beyond. 

Dave Prasad
Managing Principal & Licensed Real Estate Agent ACT/NSW
Pauline & Mikayla Jenkins
Sales Consultant & Property Manager
Leasing Agent
Leasing & Property Management
Admin Team
Sales & Property Management Administration

" What sets us apart? Everything! </br> Real estate, Property, Agent, Agency ... REIMAGINED"

Dave P
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