We have launched!

Over the past 12 months we’ve been very busy here at Infinity Residential, working around the clock to bring you the newest and most digitally advanced real estate services yet!

Personally, Dave Prasad has combined his real estate and previous I.T knowledge to enhance your experience when providing us with the opportunity to manage or sell your property! Our services are currently limited to ACT and surrounds for selling a property and all of NSW including Sydney and ACT Canberra for property management.

Tired of poor communication?

Tired on waiting for maintenance and updates?

Tired of accounting errors,

Tired of always having to chase up your property manager?

Tired of your property being vacant for extended periods?

Tired of extra charges and fees?

Tired of lock in contracts?

If you said “yes” to any of the above then you’re in luck!

Nothing else matters more to us and Dave other than service and providing exceptional care for our clients and their properties. If you’re unhappy, so are we! Check out our flat fee monthly payment options starting at a low $199 per month. You can also sell your home for a limited time at 1.5% sales commission.

Although we provide your traditional real estate services such as, buying a home, selling a home, renting out a property, having us manage your investment to the highest standard for a low fee and even providing pre-sale advice and post-sale care. We also providing a varied range of other services. Some of the additional services we provide include tiling services, timber flooring options, minor home updates, stain & varnishing your deck, garden care and painting services. Consult us on what your goals are and what you wish to achieve – in return we will provide you with a holistic stress-free complete care solution.

Because when you choose Infinity, you can expect beyond ….

Beyond the poor service, beyond the lack of communication.

Stay tuned for our next update on some of the systems we’ve implemented and created for a seam-less real estate experience.

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